Friday, November 5, 2010


I have returned home to Maryland from my business trip in Texas. I had a few interesting cowboy boot sightings at the airport and on occasion throughout the time I was there.

For my visitors to this blog from other countries, let me share an insight: guys in Texas don't wear boots very much. At least not in the major cities. Most guys dress like other guys, in dress shoes for work and sneakers in off-times. It is a myth that all guys in Texas are cowboys and wear cowboy boots. I did see a couple of real cowboys, including a nice guy at my hotel, who spoke with a very polite and respectful Texas drawl. His boots were square-toed Justins. He wore tight Wrangler jeans over the boots. Again, that's common -- few guys wear jeans inside boots.

I enjoyed my trip and seeing all the people with whom I have developed professional relationships over the years. It was nice to be publicly recognized for my contributions to my profession and my professional association. I learned a lot, and built some relationships with some new folks with whom I will work more closely on my new job.

I got out and walked a lot early in the week when it was warm and pleasant, though it got cool and rainy the day before I left.  There was a tourist area nearby with lots of restaurants, so I was able to find choices of foods I could eat at reasonable prices.  (And avoid Tex-Mex and BBQ, both of which aren't compatible with a chronic health condition that I have).  I didn't have a rental car (or Harley), and didn't need one.  I just shared a taxi from the airport to the hotel and back.  No need for a car which I wouldn't really use, nor wish to pay for.

The flights there and back were uneventful and on-time all ways.  First time that's happened to me in ages!  American Airlines rocks!  

I am very happy to be back home, in the arms of my man, and in our own bed, all snuggly and warm. It's nice to go to conferences, but even nicer to come back hoooooommmmme.

Life is short: cherish loved-ones, hearth, and home.

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