Monday, November 22, 2010

Turning the Page

Today marks the end of one significant block of time in my life as I transition to another.  Today, I begin work at a new full-time job.  I was actively recruited for the position and survived some rather challenging interviews to get it.  I was offered the position in September, and was led to believe the appointment was imminent.  However, I had to go through an extensive background and security check, and wait for that to clear.  That happened in October.  Then funding had to come together, and that finally happened in November.  So now I can start work.  Yippie!

I was no slouch since I was laid off in June -- contrary to ribbing I have received from friends, I have not slept until noon and then played on the computer all day.  I spent a lot of time every day during my time off caring for my aunt.  However, that wasn't all that I did:  I bought and fixed up another house which just was rented by a first-year cop as affordable housing.  I did a lot of repairs and maintenance on my own home -- so much so that I developed a hernia which was surgically repaired last week.

I (tried to) take some time to go for motorcycle rides, but I didn't have as much time to ride as I would have liked.  But when I went, I had fun.  I also spent a fairly significant time taking pictures for and updating my website, including developing a major "refresh" for the Home Page.

I don't really know where the time flew from June to November, but now it's time to return to a more predictable, income-producing routine.  This is indeed the most major position I have taken on -- lots of responsibility, a lot of work, and a salary commensurate with the challenges involved.  I think I'm ready.

The new job will involve some travel, and some of the trips will be significant to U.S. territories in the Pacific, including remote islands that are hard to reach by commercial air.  Oh well, I'll figure that out when the time comes, as I've been to those islands in my past life.  In fact, I have my first trip already booked for a major international conference in February, located on an independent island nation in the South Pacific.

Some friends have been asking me, "how did you ever have time to work with all the other stuff you're doing?"  Good question.  My response has been, "I've learned both how to multitask well and how to manage my time."  But in all honesty, I know some things will have to change.

For example, I suspect that I will not have much time to write posts for this blog so they appear each and every day.  I may have to blog less often, especially because my work ethics prevent me from considering taking any time while on the job to dabble in blogging (or even answering personal email).  Further, I know I will not have time to make videos nor take pictures to update my website.  Again, that will have to "wait and see" when or if I have time for these things.  I want to give my fullest concentration to my new job and not be distracted by my hobbies.

Wish me well as I pursue the next chapter in my life, and I continue to learn that...

Life is short:  pursue it with commitment and gusto!

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