Sunday, November 7, 2010


Over the past four years, I have created and posted a number of videos on boots and leather.  Some videos have been tutorials -- explanations about features and styles of certain types of boots.  Some videos have been related to motorcycle riding or motorcycle cop competitions.  Other videos have been fetish-related, for fun.

This coming week, I may have time to make one or two more videos before having to be down for a while to recover from some minor surgery.  I was trying to figure out if I should make a video, and if so, what the video should be about.

As I was reviewing my videos, I found that three videos lead the pack in the number of views.  Perhaps it's because these videos have been around for a while and have accumulated views over time.  Perhaps the high viewership has to do with the content.  Perhaps both?

I have asked before, and will try once more:  if I make a video, do you have a suggestion?  Let me know by clicking here

Meanwhile, as of the date of this posting, here are my "top three YouTube videos"

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