Friday, November 19, 2010

An Image That Means "Motorcop"

The image below was used on the title page on the inside of a motorcycle magazine published by a popular motorcycle owner's group.  There was an article in the recent edition of the magazine about motorcycle cops, and was a description of their work.

I found it interesting that the image selected by a mainstream motorcycle magazine to depict a motorcop is his boot -- in this case, a Chippewa Hi-Shine -- and the badge on the tank.

It sure is a handsome boot... as photos below attest -- one of my own boot, and the one below that of a cop who attended Law Ride in 2009.

Note: ALL of these images of Chippewa Hi-Shine Boots show these boots with lug soles. Chippewa (owned by Justin Brands) does not make these boots with lug soles -- yet. Each of us arranged for a cobbler to add Vibram 100 lug soles to our respective boots. Chippewa: I hope you're watching, and take notice of the demand for lug soles on these boots!

By the way, I bought my Chip Hi-Shines from Stompers Boots of San Francisco -- best price on these boots anywhere.

Life is short:  enjoy lug-soled Chippewa Hi-Shine boots!

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