Monday, November 1, 2010

Gay Leather Breeches

I saw an entry into Google that got directed to my website. It was, "Gay Leather Breeches."

Sheesh... here we go again....  Breeches as worn by motor officers, for example, aren't gay.  Men who wear them may be gay or not.  There are large number of cops who wear breeches every day, and the majority of them are not gay.

But I know that there are a lot of gay dudes who like to wear leather, and look for breeches to complete the full "BLUF" uniform (BLUF means "breeches and leather uniform fanclub"). So yeah, there are gay men who wear leather breeches, as shown here. But the breeches themselves aren't gay.

What's the difference between a pair of breeches and a pair of pants? Breeches are usually form-fitting to the person wearing them. They may have "balloons" which were built into riding breeches to give the rider (of a horse) ample maneuverability as he rode his horse. These days, most breeches do not have balloons. However, they will be form-fitted at the ankle, designed to taper close to the leg and close with snaps or (better yet) a zipper. That way, tall boots will fit over them well and the leather won't bind or bunch up around the knee.

If you're looking for a pair of leather breeches to wear as BLUF gear, consider a quality leather crafter as I mentioned yesterday, such as 665 Leather, Mr. S Leather, or Northbound Leather.

Leather breeches are comfortable and when fitted well (as in custom), they allow movement while operating a motorcycle, and look great when fitted with a tall pair of patrol boots.

Life is short: wear leather!

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Baphomet68 said...

Yeah, Gay Leather Breeches appears to have become part of the way leather garments are marketed. I am a straight guy who wears leather most of the time, and I have gotten used to seeing this phrase a lot. I see "Gay" stuck on a lot of leather clothes - gay pants and shirts and suspenders. It seems to mean well made, overpriced, cool, unique, or, maybe 30% of the time, a garment designed for fetish/sex play. I have yet to see any leather gear marketed as "Gay" that seemed like it would only work for "Gay" persons - some stuff would clearly only work for sex, sure, but any kind that includes at least one guy.
I regularly run searches for "Gay leather" and "Gay Leather Breeches", because that is the easiest way I have found to locate cool leathers. There are usually some gems hidden away among the returns.
When a new Gay Leather item arrives at my home, I explain to it in a firm voice that my wardrobe has a don't ask-don't tell policy, and that it will now be living on the down-low, and then I shove it into the closet. I don't want my boots and gloves getting any ideas. :)