Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know it's kinda crazy. I've only been gone a couple days on this business trip. I have been seeing a lot of "old friends," colleagues, and making new acquaintances. My speech yesterday rocked, and I got a standing ovation. All well and good. But man, oh man, do I miss my man.

In a past life, I traveled a lot. I mean A LOT -- 35 weeks on average each year with some 60 - 70 locations packed among these trips. I saw a lot of the United States, from big cities to small towns, to the mountains, to the prairies, from the Gulf shores to the rocky cliffs of Maine and Alaska. From our island commonwealths and territories in the Atlantic and the Pacific, including way out to the Marianas... lots to see, lots to do. Canada was often included in my annual travels, as well.

I don't travel nearly as much now. In fact, my last business trip was back in May for just a few days in Seattle. So here I am in Texas, and walking a lot before morning activities start and in the evening, too. Saw a lot of bikers since it's warm here -- stooopid guys riding without a helmet, no boots --- so silly, dumb, and sad. (Even stooopider were those guys who had a helmet strapped to the back of their bike -- like it's going to do anything to protect them if someone in a cage hits them. Oh well, Darwinian principles are at play.)

But most of all, as I walk briskly for my regular exercise, I think of my man. "What's he doing this minute?" I smile thinking of how he reads the newspaper so seriously. How he will have to prepare his lunch to take to work since I wasn't there to do it for him. How he will open a can of tuna for dinner, rather than have something good, hearty, and hot since I wasn't there to cook. I think of him working in our yard, planting some bulbs, clearing leaves, and tending to the myriad of things that he does. I hear that "bloop bloop bloop" of him programming the Tivo in my mind, and watching some silly blather on TV that lets him relax by zoning out on brain-dead stuff. And then I think of him going to bed... alone.

My bed is empty too, as is a part of my heart. My love is with me in spirit, but it's not the same. Daily phone chats can only do so much. Gosh, I miss my man.

Life is short: cherish those you love.

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