Saturday, December 18, 2010

Going Green In Leather

As readers of this blog know, I enjoy wearing leather regularly.  I also like to wear leather that comes in colors other than black.  I mean, I like black, but I also like alternative colors such as blue, midnight blue, and grey, and now -- green!

I treated myself to a new long-sleeved police-style leather shirt from Mr. S of San Francisco.  Mr. S makes great gear, though pricey -- but their prices are competitive with other quality leather vendors, and they've been in the business for a long, long time so they know what they are doing.

The Mr. S website offers this as a "tri-color" shirt, with the body in one color (in this case, Hunter Green), accents on sleeves and epaulets in another (in this case, black), and the website version suggests blue piping.  I didn't want the blue -- to me, just green and black was enough, so when I ordered it, I asked them to leave the blue piping off.  Remember, when ordering custom leather gear, you can always ask for the gear to be made to your own specifications, including sizing and customizations.  Treat a website as a suggestion, not a requirement.

This shirt is rather formal as "BLUF" goes -- that is, a black leather tie and Muir Cap with leather jeans completes the outfit.  As my partner might say, "anything to get you to wear a tie" (giggle).

How do you like my new "Hunter Green" shirt?  Pretty cool, huh?

Life is short: make it colorful!

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