Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quality Customer Service

I am writing today to say how pleased I am with the customer service from Northbound Leather of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The story begins on a good note, in that I ordered a pair of dress leather pants and dress leather shirt on November 25, and these items were made quickly.  I received them on December 8.  The quality of the leather used is superb: soft, supple, shiny and sensuous.  I was almost giddy with excitement when the Fedex delivery arrived.  I quickly tore open the box and tried on my new gear.

However, I was disappointed to find that the pants were simply cut off to my size, and not hemmed.  Unhemmed leather garments will fray quickly.  Not good....

Further, while the website measurement instructions were clear and I followed them, the sizing of Canadians must be different.  The shirt was too small for me.  I swear, a Canadian inch =0.9 of a U.S. inch (LOL!).  Even though I've lost almost 40 pounds since May, there was just no way the shirt would fit without making me appear to be busting out at the seams.  Not good....

I called Northbound on the day I received the gear to explain the situation.  Glenda couldn't have been nicer about it.  While I had to return the garments to them, they will send me a new pair of pants -- hemmed this time -- and a new shirt in the correct size immediately.  They also facilitated the return by allowing me to use their FedEx account number, so I do not have to pay for the cost of shipping, which is expensive to (and from) Canada from the United States.

Because Northbound Leather treated me so well and were so kind and responsive, I continue to recommend them highly.  They really do make great leather garments of high quality leather.  Their craftsmanship is truly terrific. 

In further email dialogue with Glenda, I am assured that I will receive the new gear by Christmas, when I want to wear formal leathers as I visit family and serve our holiday meal.

Life is short:  get in gear!

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