Friday, December 3, 2010

Boot Questions via Google

Every now and then, I gather questions that people enter into internet searches that direct people to this blog or my website.  I never cease to be amazed at what people are asking.  Here goes:

What's the difference between a laredo boot and a tony lama boot?

A:  It's the manufacturer.  Laredo boots are cheap and are not the quality of Tony Lama boots.  If you want the good stuff, go with Tony Lama.  There aren't many other differences in style, height, or appearance.  However, there is (to me) a big difference in the comfort.  Machine-made Laredo boots are not nearly as comfortable as Tony Lamas.

tuck in jeans or not with cowboy boots?

A:  Yes.  See this post or this one.

what type of jeans should be worn with boots?

A:  Blue.  Black.  Sometimes brown.  Wranglers (to me) look best.  Levis work well.  So do Dickies or other off-brands.  Jeans & boots are a natural combination.

how long does leather lined sole boots last?

I think the question is "low long do leather soles last on cowboy boots?"

A:  It depends.  Good quality boots made with all-leather soles, such as Lucchese Classics, will last a long time.  The measurement of time is in number of hours worn -- not in months or years you have owned them.  Look at the soles.  Do you see little round holes on the sole between the heel and the foot?  If so, you are seeing "pegs."  Boots that have pegged soles are of much better quality than boots that have soles that are sewn on.  Boots with pegged leather soles will wear for thousands of hours.  Boots with sewn (not pegged) soles will wear out more quickly, as in hundreds but not thousands of hours.  Of course, it depends where you wear the boots -- on ordinary sidewalks and such.  Wearing leather-soled boots on rough pavement, rocky terrain, or in water will make them wear out much more quickly.

do wearing boots make me a cowboy?

A:  I doubt this guy will "become" a cowboy simply by wearing boots.  I wear cowboy boots often, but I am not a cowboy.  I don't ride horses (any more) nor work on a ranch.  Cowboys work with cattle, horses, and often on ranches or farms.  A cowboy is who is he by what he does, not by what he wears on his feet.

can you only wear cowboy boots with jeans?

Can you only what?  huh?  I think this means, "do you wear cowboy boots only with jeans?"  (The writer was from Texas, by the way).

A: No.  One can wear cowboy boots with a suit, with leather pants, and even though I wouldn't do it, I have seen some guys wear cowboy boots with shorts.  What you wear with cowboy boots is your choice.  My personal opinion, however, is that cowboy boots look best with jeans, but dress cowboy boots look great with a business suit, too.  A few guys can pull off an interesting look with a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of leather jeans.  While I'm sharing opinions, I think wearing cowboy boots with anything other than long pants looks silly.

Are western boots acceptable with khakis?

A: If you have to ask this question, put your sneakers or loafers back on and put your boots away.

Sure:  western (cowboy) boots are fine with khakis.  I wear that combination sometimes when my jeans are in the wash or I'm going to a semi-dressy informal event, such a gathering as my yuppie-brother-in-law's home or something.

Cowboy boots and belts usually made with which bird's skin?

A:  Good question!  Ostrich is usually chosen to make a pair of boots and a belt to match.  I have seen other skins from lizard (teju lizard) and even alligator used for boots/belt combos, but mostly it's ostrich.  Why?  Ostriches are farmed for their hides to use for bootmaking, and some of the hides (or parts of hides) are so narrow that they cannot be used for boots, so belts are made from those remainders.

Where to buy leather boot stretch liquid?

A:  In the drugstore.  It's called "rubbing alcohol."  Seriously, it's the same thing. Don't be fooled by paying 5x as much for "boot stretching liquid."  When you read the label, you'll find that the contents is rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, which costs less than US$1/bottle in most drugstores.

What's roughout leather on Wesco boots?

A:  A hide from which boots are made comes with two sides:  the smooth side and the rough side.  Roughout leather is the rough side of the skin.  A pair of roughout boots is made with the rough side on the outside, rather than on the inside.  Beware:  the hide used for a pair of roughout boots is not any more expensive than "regular" leather.  But the West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco) charges more for a pair of their boots made with the rough side showing because the perception of higher value exists and because they can.  Not for any other reason.

Can you wear cowboy boots in a horse show?

A:  I could go so many places with this, but let's suffice to say, "yes."

Boots inside or outside boots?

A:  Yes, this was an actual question entered into a Google search.  My answer would be....

Life is short:  wear your feet inside your boots at all times.  (The opposite is so much messier.)

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