Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wearing Leather Often

I re-read a post on my fellow blogger's blog, StraightJacketed, where he originally brought up a review by the so-called men's style mag, GQ, that published an article about men wearing leather pants and stated that one had to "be cautious." The article was filled with anti-gay stereotypes. The post about which I am referring was posted on SJ's blog on March 20, 2010, and is here.

What was interesting to me when I re-read this blog post the other day was the large number of comments from other guys about this issue. I am picking up on a few of those comments in my post here.

Goodness knows, I have blogged a lot about wearing leather. What one commenter said, and with which I whole-heartedly agree, Promoting the use of leather trousers is easy: just wear them often. Especially if you are "an ordinary joe schmoe".

I resemble that remark. I am just an ordinary guy. I work full-time, I am active in my community as a civic leader. I volunteer a lot. I visit older friends and help them with stuff, like grocery shopping, getting to the doctor, or home repairs. Often, I wear leather jeans and sometimes a leather shirt and/or vest when I am out and about in my community, and these days when it is cold, I wear a leather jacket. No Big Deal.

Yes, I ride a motorcycle and perhaps that was the first "excuse" or reason for me to wear leather in public. People would often see me on a motorcycle and naturally think the two go together. But I wear leather much more often than I ride my Harley.

Another comment that was made was about the difference between men and women with regard to being sexually objectified -- as with the implication that wearing leather pants (trousers) draws a sexual interest below the waist. Quote: Women are historically objectified but not men. This also explains why women can wear leather pants, skirts, or leather anything because they are seen as objects (in this heteronormative world). Once men objectify themselves, or call attention to themselves as "sexual objects" the heterosexual construct is thrown and they are left with "gay".

Men who fear being labeled as "gay" then reject wearing leather, as they associate a negative reaction toward anything that can cause others to cast the label upon them.

As for me, I could give a sh*t. I have grown up. I am comfortable in my gay skin. I am comfortable in cowhide. I have invested a lot in the cowhide that fits me, so this "Joe Schmoe" wears it regularly.

That's that. Get over fear-of-label and assert your independence, manly courage, and style by wearing leather as you wish.

Life is short: wear leather!

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