Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Leather Suit

Okay, okay, I know ... I bitch about dressing up.  So I'm breaking my bitchfest, by treating myself to a new leather suitFormal dress pants and a dress leather shirt, with a colorful leather tie, and even a leather vest.  The pants, shirt, and vest are all from Northbound Leather of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I got out the old black leather blazer to go with it, though I must admit it's rather ratty.  Perhaps next year I'll spring for a new one.  (Northbound wanted over CDN$700 for a black leather blazer that matches, but that was too much money for something I would not wear very much, so I didn't get it.)

These leather duds will find themselves on me on Christmas Day.  My partner and twin brother will be amazed, and the family will give me well-deserved grief when we visit them.  But that's okay, I can take it -- in full leather.

I ordered the new dress leather shirt and formal dress leather pants from Northbound Leather in November.  I received them on December 8, only to have to return them because the shirt was too small and the pants were unhemmed.  They replaced the shirt with a larger size and hemmed the pants, and returned them to me quickly.  FedEx delivered them on Saturday. 

I had to wait for my partner to leave for his trip to pick up his mother before trying them on.  Man, do these leather duds feel great!  Both the shirt and the pants are lined with satin.  It's so smooth on my skin.  The quality of the leather is absolutely outstanding: shiny, supple, and unblemished.  Northbound makes really good stuff from the highest quality leather.  Though not cheap, this gear will last well beyond my lifetime (provided I care for it, as I regularly do with my leather gear.)

So, whaddya think?  Is this Leather Dude ready for Christmas, or what?

Life is short:  get in gear!

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Greg said...

Yes, the leather dude looks absolutely dapper and ready for Christmas.