Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not A Gay Social Whirl

There are some people who assume that if a guy is gay, he leads a very active social life.  Actually, a social life has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but that's beside the point.

Being in a relationship with the world's #1 recluse, a social life is not really there for me.  That is, my circle of friends is limited to neighbors, fellow civic leaders, seniors who I look after and do things for, and (of course) my family.  That's it.  I do not have a group of friends who I go hang out with at restaurants or bars.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not live a wild gay social whirl, flitting from one party to the next.  In fact, my friends know me so well, they don't invite me to dinner parties.  While I like visiting my friends, I prefer visits that are more one-on-one, and where I don't have to worry about finding things to eat that are compatible with my weird diet.

I work full-time on weekdays, go see my aunt and some other senior pals after work and on weekends, and visit family for events like birthday parties and every Friday night family dinners.  During the motorcycle riding season, I may like to ride in groups with safe riders.  But all-in-all, that's about it.  I do not choose to go out otherwise -- both by choice, as well as by the nature of the relationship that I am in and my decision that I do not socialize with other people for fun without my partner, and my partner chooses not to socialize at all.

Life is short:  not all gay guys live a wild social whirl!

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