Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas: I Believe

I will be taking a break from blogging until after Christmas, so I can spend time with my partner, his mother, my twin brother and his wife who arrived last night (6-1/2 hours late, at 6am this morning!), as well as the rest of my family when we visit them over the next few days.

This has been quite a year for me, but I'll explain that in a future blog post.  This Christmas, I reflect on what the holiday means to me and to life in general.  Without religious overtones, which I'll leave to other blogs, let me say that I believe...
  • ... in being happy, positive, and focused on what's right, instead of what's wrong.  Sure, there are lots of things wrong, but there are many more things that are right.  My wish for the world is "quit yer bitchin' " and think of the good things that are out there, not dwell on and complain about the bad.
  • ... in the power of relationships built on trust, honesty, and integrity.  I can clearly say that the people with whom I choose to have deep and meaningful friendships have earned my respect because they are fundamentally good people.  Honest as the day is long; gentle, caring souls in their own right.
  • ... that there's a reason why we're here on this Earth.  Whatever our calling is, we need to apply our talents, skills, and abilities as best we know how to make the world a little bit better each and every day.
  • ... in service to others.  That's my makeup, and what drives my essence.  Sure, I work for a living, but I volunteer a lot as a "second job."  Serving others because I have the means, skills, and interest is a joy, not a burden.  From daily calls to older friends who are alone, to taking senior pals to the grocery store, to doing minor home repairs for others, to advocating for the betterment of my community by klonking some elected officials upside the head from time to time (figuratively speaking, of course)... all this is a way for me to serve my fellow man (and woman).  
  • ... that love conquers all and heals all wounds.  I truly cannot express the depth of my devotion and abiding love for my partner, for the man he is and for the man he has helped me to become.  Our bond of love carries us forward, and is maintained on a basis of ongoing communication, trust, honesty, and daily attention to our relationship as two human beings -- different, yet bonded at the soul.
  • ... that blood is thicker than water.  I am grateful to be part of a large family of wonderful people who are terrific each in their own right.  We respect one another.  We laugh, we play, we care.  I am truly blessed that we all get along well because we work at it.  We may have our disagreements, but when the fit hits the shan, we rise up and care for each other by doing things in significant, positive ways.  I know many families do not get along as well, and some siblings have become divided and estranged.  I am deeply appreciative how that is not the case within our family.  Our parents raised us to behave and believe this way, and we do.
  • ... that being financially responsible means that you don't spend money you don't have, and that you work out a budget and stick to it. Not using credit cards wildly, running up balances, or using those damned "convenience checks."
  • ... that masculine gay men exist, and can live a life as an open and out gay man as a contributor to society.  Naysayers and homophobes cause some who may be insecure to be hurt and to hide.  Don't let 'em win.  Be the man you are, and comfortable in your own skin.  It took me a long time to realize that, but I am much happier as a person because I did.
  • ... when faced with a choice, to make the choice that helps most, hurts least, and is legal, ethical, and moral.
  • ... that life is not always full of wine and roses.  Sometimes, you get a headache from the salycilates and pricked by the thorns -- and there are, unfortunately, some real headaches and pricks out there.  In my heart of hearts, I smell the bouquet of the wine and the fragrance of the rose and not the pain from the headache or prick.  

  • ... and, finally:
Life is short:  make the best of what you have!
From our home to yours: Merry Christmas, loyal blog readers!  I sincerely hope you have joy in your heart, boots on your feet, leathers on your bod, and a smile on your face! 


Anonymous said...

Well, brother, you did it again. I am happy to be here in your home after a flight from hell. But I would travel through hell and high water to have the opportunity to be with you.

You make me believe in so many ways on the wonders and delights of the world, and I thank you for that. Your spirit has awakened me to be brighter, happier, and more fulfilled. Seriously, my relationship with my wife has become even better, if that's possible, from the example you set with your relationship with your partner.

Love you, bro, ora e sempre.


Tef said...


Thoroughly enlightening and enlightened post. Love it a lot.

Hope you had a great Christmas and may 2011 be even greater!

My very best wishes to you and your partner.

Anonymous said...

lovely thoughts from a great friend to many men the world over. keep booted and happy.

mac / bov