Friday, April 1, 2011

Adding a Chain to a Muir Cap

It is an odd coincidence in that I was considering writing a post for this blog about adding a chain to a Muir Cap -- the headwear that completes the Leatherman's attire. Then the search (see above) landed on this blog. The search result landed on an old blog post that I wrote about this topic. It was entered by someone who is a daily reader.

I just recently added a chain to an old Muir Cap that I own. Why? Not only, in my opinion, does it add style, but I also re-read a comment on that old blog post which indicated that a chain on a Muir Cap is a symbol of a Leather Master. Further, I recently read a post on Fetlife in a subject titled, "Masters Cover" in the group "A Documented History of the Lifestyle 1945-95" from this comment:
While I’m not a big fan of "protocol" ... there was/is significance to the history to the dress, to the Leather, and to the cover, and once upon a time, to conduct as well.

Short version: specifically a metal (usually silver) "brim band" [or chain] indicated one was a top and didn’t switch.
While I don't hang with the Leathermen at runs, events, or fashion shows (any more), I consider myself to be one, old skool ... traditionalist ... or some call "old guard." I wear traditional leather, from boots to pants to shirts to the Muir Cap, sometimes with gloves and even, sometimes, with a leather tie to complete the outfit.

However, I don't switch. If you don't know what that means, read this Wikipedia article. By the way, my partner doesn't switch either.

I added the chain to my old Muir cap for three reasons:
  • I didn't like the plain plastic band that was on it;
  • If I wore it to a Leatherman's gathering, then based on the comment above made by someone who knows more about this than I do, then I didn't want to give the wrong signal; and
  • I had a chain in my drawer that fit perfectly for this use. (Don't ask me why I had it... some things you just collect and forget about.)
Now I realize that someone would have to approach me to inquire about having sex, and possibly could use the hat's chain (or lack thereof) to signal my versatility (or not.) My response would be, "nope, I am monogamous and am not interested in sex with you." But my point is that I just didn't want to give a signal that clearly is not the man I am.

If you want to add a chain or silver band to a Muir cap, it's easy. The bands that comes with it (both across the front and across the top) are attached with a button that has two long protrusions that stick through the cap and bend flat under the headband. Simply lift the headband, straighten out the metal protrusions of the button, pull the button out, and remove the old bands. Replace them with a chain or silver band of your choice. You can find chain that works anywhere -- hardware store or even a short leash at a pet store will do. I figure you can find a metal band at a fetish expo or on-line somewhere if that's what you want.

It is a choice, and I made that choice to add some variety to an otherwise all-black leather cap, and for reasons stated above.

Life is short: old-guard Leatherwear including the Muir Cap is solid, strong, and admired by many.

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