Friday, April 22, 2011

How Much Do Leather Cowboy Boots Cost?

Yet another question entered into a search engine and landed on my website.

Frequently I receive questions, "how much did those boots cost?"

Honestly, it varies. New cowboy boots can cost as little as US$50 (if they're machine-made plastic) to well over several thousand dollars for one pair of custom-made  all-leather boots. For my preferences, I usually choose commercially-made cowboy boots from reputable makers, such as Tony Lama, Dan Post, Nocona, Lucchese, and several others. I choose boots that are comfortable, good-looking, and generally go with "business casual" clothing which is what I wear to my office. I like my boots to be made of all leather. Further, I want them to be comfortable and to wear well, so I look for a pegged sole.

I have some custom cowboy boots made by Champion Attitude, and a few pairs of Buckaroo boots by Olathe. However, while those boots are nice, their heel height and style don't quite work for how klutzy I am when I walk, so I wear those boots when I don't have to walk very much.

I do not have boots made by some of the top custom cowboy boot makers, such as Paul Bond. While I like the beauty of these top-notch bootmakers, I realize that having boots that cost well over US$800 per pair (most of them are in the thou$ands), it is not worth it to me. I feel that I would have to frame them and admire them as art. Well, in reality, I would wear them, but not enough to justify in my warped way of thinking that the investment was worth the cost.

Having said all this, I have not yet answered the question: how much do leather cowboy boots cost? Boots that meet a minimum of my standards -- all leather, comfortable, pegged sole, reputable manufacturer -- cost in the range from as low as US$180 to as much as US$400. Beyond that, I usually don't consider buying them. Sure, I may look, but I often ask myself, "why on earth do you want a pair of cowboy boots that cost over US$600 when you already have so many pairs?" -- good question. That self-questioning holds me back from making many purchases (believe it or not.)

Life is short: have (and wear) at least one pair of cowboy boots.

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