Monday, April 4, 2011

Riding to Nowhere

I had a very productive weekend doing some activities for my senior pals, then working on our home with my partner.

The weather finally got warm enough on Sunday afternoon to go for a long ride on my Harley. By noontime, it was 55°F (13°C), which was a bit cool, but with thick leather pants, a leather shirt and leather jacket, thick gloves, and tall Wesco boots, I felt fine.

I went on this ride with a buddy who knows the back roads of our home county exceptionally well, and is a very skilled rider. We rode and rode and rode ... to everywhere, and to nowhere. My friend took a turn on what he thought would be an interesting road... until it dead-ended at a farm with sheep and cows. We about died laughing.

It was great to get out, have some practice honing my riding skills which had become rusty after a long winter without much riding. I enjoyed riding with my friend who is such a great guy to ride with. He rides very safely, has a great sense of humor, and is a very nice person.

Pics follow. Enjoy! Riding season has begun!

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