Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gays and Black Boots

This stuff drives me nuts, but honestly, I don't pay much attention and do not let it bother me because I do not suffer fools well.

From Bothell, Washington (a suburb of Seattle): "Why do gays wear black boots?"

I can tell that it was written by someone who is not well educated and who is straight -- the pejorative term "gays" is a give-away to both conclusions.

Now, to address the question. Well, there is no answer for stupid assumptions. Honestly, where do some people come up with this garbage?

Most men's boots come in black or brown, and you'll find cowboy boots with more colors -- the most common besides black and brown is black cherry, cognac (orange-burnished), tan, and there are also men's boots that have inlays or accents of blue, red, white, and other colors.

So, ding-dong from Bothell, hear this:

Not all men's boots are black.

Not all gay men wear boots.

Granted, most motorcycle boots are black -- but then again, I would venture to say that the vast majority of bikers who wear black boots are not gay.

Gay men who wear boots wear more colors of boots than only black. Sheesh -- look at my cowboy boot and motorcyle boot collections. I have boots of all colors. And I'm gay. So what?

Get an education, friend. Wise up and then go speak with some gay men. You may be surprised to learn that they're people too, much like you -- and me!

Disclaimer: I have been to Bothell, Washington, and know that most of the people there are fine, upstanding, well-educated people. There are exceptions everywhere, so this post was not meant to take a swipe at everyone who lives or works in Bothell. I betcha you can find some equally ignorant people near where I live, too.

Life is short: stop looking for stereotypes.

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