Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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I have enjoyed having guests post things on this blog for the past several days.  I expected three of them, and the one from my local Community Hero was not expected, but appreciated.

Now, back to my blog. Content: hmmm, what to blog about.

Things on the gay scene are typical and moribundly boring. Same old stuff with no new news to reflect on. (At least from this monogamously-partnered gay guy's vantage point.)

Things on the "amusing google searches" still show up. I have captured a few which I will blog about in the future. It amazes me that the more technologically-advanced toys that people use (a lot of Android processors showing up), how absolutely awful their spelling and grammar is. It's not just short-hand text-speak. It's fundamental stuff like not knowing the difference between "wear" and "where" and things of that nature. I fear that the more texters use their gadgets, the grammar and spelling of our language continues to go into the toilet.

Nota bene: I was forwarded a resume to review by a colleague as we were looking for short-term professional technical help on a project. The resume was one page, and had 38 spelling, grammar, and other major gaffs in it. 38 of them! My colleague and I both decided to pitch the resume in the electronic trash. If the person can't write, he should at least have had someone proofread his resume before submitting it. Embarrassing!

I sat in on two interviews last week, observing and taking notes. One person actually answered his cell phone during the interview to take a personal call. Another kept fidgeting. We realized that she was texting under the table. Needless to say, these characters didn't make the final cut.

As far as boot-oriented matters are concerned: I remain happily booted. The weather is warming, so I am changing boots more often, several times each day. When I hop on my Harley, I wear boots with solid tread, not smooth leather soles. I had to dress up for those interviews last week, so I wore good-looking, polished cowboy boots. Over the weekend, my partner and I did a lot of work on our house, including building a memory garden in honor of my aunt who passed away. I wore Timberland work boots and my newly-acquired Air Force tactical boots for that.

Which reminds me of a sorry web posting that I saw over the last weekend. Some guy wrote on a public board to ask if Timberland boots were acceptable for "white guys" to wear. He continued with his statement that it appeared to him that only black guys wore "Timbs." Oh, gimme a break. Timberland boots are work boots. Work boots like for doing labor -- construction, etc. I like my Timberland boots because they are comfortable and durable, and I don't care if they get dirty or messed up with garden mud. So be it -- that's what they're for!

One thing, though: my partner preferred that I wore my AF tactical boots instead of the Timberland boots because the AF boots have waffle soles, so mud and dirt don't get caked up in the lugs, they way it does on Timberland boots. After a hard day's back-breaking labor in digging that garden last Saturday, my Timberland boots had quite a bit of mud stuck in the soles. I had to hose them off with a jet stream, and even then, not all the dirt came out. So now I have created some outdoor boot storage just for gardening boots. Hell to pay if I wore those boots in the house and dropped dirt clods everywhere. (And my partner has a right to get upset when that happens, because he works hard at keeping the floors and carpets clean.)

On the leather front: yeah, I got a new leather shirt. It's really cool-looking. I bought it on sale while I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I'll describe it and show it to you in a future post on this blog.

Not much new news. I remain very busy with work, which is both fun and consuming. My partner remains busy planning our Spring gardening chores, which I vow to make as enjoyable as I can. This is something that my partner loves to do, and is a hobby that we both can share.

Oh, one thing: my twin brother chided me to "chill" on a recent post on this blog. Okay, bro'. I did. I took a few hours off on Sunday afternoon, cuddled up next to my partner, and we watched a streaming video full-length "tear-jerker" movie. Usually I am the one to break into tears over the littlest things in movies, but I caught my partner drying his eyes when it ended, as well.

Life is short: keep busy, and keep blogging!

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