Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Benefits of Wearing Leather Every Day

As my partner was doing our laundry, he remarked, "there's less laundry than usual since you have gone back to work and telecommute most days."

I said, "yep, do you know why?" He smiled, looked at me, then came over and said, "I love to hug my man in leather."

I wear full leather most of the time when I do not have to go to a meeting or my "real" office. Thus, fewer clothes have to be washed. And continuing with my thread of explaining how we make financial decisions, we do not bring our laundry out to be cleaned. We do it ourselves. Easier, cheaper, convenient. And since we don't dress up much, we do not wear clothes that would have to be cleaned at a dry cleaner. Okay, there I go again with my "anti-suit" prejudice, as well as my frugality. So be it -- I admit to both.

Life is short: wear leather! (and save water by doing less laundry! LOL!)

PS: Now that it is significantly warmer, the days I telecommute may find me just wearing a pair of shorts (no boots, either!) Too warm for leather and it doesn't make sense to pay for air conditioning just to cool the indoor air enough to make leather clothing tolerable. I'd rather keep the AC off during the day and be (almost) naked. Shhhh... don't tell the boss that a conference call I was on from home found me in that state. I am so glad (for their sake) that these calls do not have a video component! LOL!

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