Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cowboy Boots In Style for Men?

This kind of stuff makes me nuts sometimes, but when someone uses a search engine to look for an answer to, "are cowboy boots in style 2011 for men?" and lands visitors to this blog... I just have to comment.

Cowboy boots are timeless. They are in style all the time, year after year, summer, fall, winter, spring... any time of year in any year. If you have to wonder if boots are in style for men in any particular year, then in my opinion -- you obsess too much.

Just put your boots on, stand tall, walk confidently, and smile.

If you cannot do that, or if you have to wonder and worry if what you are wearing on your feet is in style or not, then just put on a pair of sneakers and sell any boots your own on eBay. By thinking that is a serious question and worrying about whether cowboy boots are in style or not, then in my opinion, you have lost any authorization to wear boots. Turn 'em in, mister. Men who wear boots are confident, relaxed, and secure. They could give a shit about what's in style.

End-of-story; end-of-rant.

Life is short: wear boots and tell the style-worriers to take a hike (in sneakers).

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onlybootedmanintown said...

Well-said, good man! I'm booted now!