Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2011

Each year of this blog's history, I have posted an analysis based on painstaking collection of data on what the "Top 10 blog posts" have been during the year.

This year, the Top 10 posts are...

... listed on this blog on the right side under the column, "Most Popular Posts of All Time." Wow... Blogger installed a new widget that does all the hard work for me. So now I don't have to collect data and rank it. It's all there. So go visit.

Not a surprise that the Tom of Finland post remains number one. It gets visited regularly because a lot of people (guys?) use an image search and get directed to the Bulges and Breeches post. Hundreds each day. This drawing is very popular because it presents a rugged bravado of the traditional Leatherman, which appeals to many men in the gay community.

Also not a surprise that the post about masculine gay men ranks second. Many, many guys are looking for other sane, safe, normal, masculine gay men. Trouble is, guys who act and look like any other guy but who happen to have a same-sex orientation, do not wear a sign, nametag (Hi, I'm a Masculine Gay Man), or show up at frilly-froo-froo events. But there are ways to find masculine gay men. Go visit the post.

I was rather surprised to find that my blog post titled, "Gay Leather Breeches" got ranked among the top 10. Perhaps it is because I featured a photo of a cop in boots and breeches first -- demonstrating that lots of guys wear breeches with boots, and doing do implies nothing about the wearer's sexual orientation. However, for those into "BLUF" (Breeches, Leather, Uniform Fetish) fear, certainly leather breeches make a statement.

Also another post that always ranks highly is one about the obsession -- yeah, an absolute obsession -- that many guys have when pondering the age-old question, "should guys wear jeans tucked inside boots or not?" I have posted a lot about this silly question, but the post titled, "Cowboy Boots and Jeans Google Searches" is the one that most visitors find when searching that question using a search engine (provided they do not see my tutorial titled, "Cowboy Boots and Jeans" that has become the most popular page on my website by far.

There are a number of interesting, regularly-visited posts on my Top 10. A new one this year was posted this year by a straight friend who calls himself the "Only Booted Man In Town". He wrote about being the only unbootedman in an unbooted state.

Well, there's my usual Top 10 listing... go visit those posts, or others on this blog and see if you can change the dynamics of how Blogger's widget determines what's in the Top 10.

Life is short: read blogs! Happy New Year!

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