Monday, December 5, 2011

Stretching Before Riding

Man, it's hell getting old.

Saturday was bright and sunny, though rather cold. It was in the low 40s (F -- 5.5C) on Saturday afternoon when I decided to leather up and ride my Harley to run some errands. I want to ride when I can, before the crap is spread on the roads when they may get icy.

Anyway, I checked the bike over for safety issues as I always do, mounted and took off.

Each time I mount and dismount my Harley, I have to lift my leg rather high to get on the bike and off of it. Honestly, the height of my motorcycle's seat has always been difficult for me to get over, especially since I cannot swing my leg over the back of the seat since the Tourpak and back rest is in the way.

During my day's errands, I stopped at various places along the way -- a senior pal's to check on her recovery from surgery, another senior friend who needed a light repair job done in her kitchen, and my Harley dealership to pick up a part.

Unfortunately, I must have swung my leg in the wrong direction and strained a muscle in my lower back at one of the times that I mounted or dismounted the bike. I woke yesterday morning barely able to move. I managed to get up, get dressed, and go with my partner to do our weekly grocery shopping. That was not much fun, as I was in pain and his temper was brittle.

We made it home and I took the rest of the day off. Well, I cooked a batch of soup and pasta sauce, but for me, that's essentially doing nothing.

I will not take drugs except over-the-counter pain relievers. My partner gave me a massage and we sat in our hot tub for a while. Went to bed early... I sure hope this resolves by itself. I hate going to doctors, especially for something for which they can't do much.

I learned a lesson: I need to stretch before I get on my bike each time I prepare to ride it. Stretching perhaps could have prevented the strain that occurred.

Life is short: relent to aging; I ain't gettin' any younger.

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