Friday, December 16, 2011

Do All Bikers Have Tattoos?

Interesting question that landed a visitor to this blog... for reasons unknown to me (that is, why direct a visitor to this blog)... anyway, someone googled the question, "do all bikers have tattoos?"


Nope. (This image is not me; it was found somewhere on the 'net.)

The images you see of bad-ass bikers with a ton of tats is inconsistent with reality. I ride with a lot of bikers, and only a few of them have tattoos. But perhaps it is the company I keep -- everyday common ordinary Harley riders who have families, day jobs, and are responsible, thoughtful individuals.

Not that bikers with tattoos are all irresponsible, either. Perhaps the media and one particular U.S. cable television show has affected my perceptions, as well. As this website points out, "those who have the tattoos, however, might be family-oriented individuals with conventional, normal jobs, and only enjoy biking and biker culture as a hobby or recreational activity. Bikers are no longer necessarily excluded from mainstream society and biker tattoos do not symbolize gang involvement or deviant behavior."

Would I consider getting a tattoo?

No way. Why? Needles. Tattoos are made by inserting ink-filled needles into the skin. I don't do needles. Not by choice, anyway (annual flu shot excepted.)

Further, tattoos are permanent. Have you seen an 80-year-old with a tattoo? I have. Not a pretty sight.

Nope, not all bikers have tattoos. Some of them do, expressing their love of freedom, affiliation with their brand of motorcycle, or love of America. I will not be among them. Needles... uggghhh... no way. If I want to display my affiliations and joy, I can do it another way.

Life is short: live free, live to ride, ride to live, and live your limits.

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