Monday, February 16, 2009

Blackberry Sabotage!

For years and years and years I have said that I don't want a Blackberry. I don't "need" one. I avoided them. I made fun of yuppies addicted to them.

Then I got promoted and one of those pesky things came with the job.

So I brought it home this weekend and after some struggle, got it set up. I though that perhaps it would be neat to be able to read my personal email on it, too. So I followed the directions to bring email from this blog and my website (my "" email) to the device.

Well, it doesn't work. But what's worse, it deleted ALL of the email on my server. It is sending any new email somewhere... I can't find where... and thus, I've been sabotaged by the very device that I have ridiculed for ages. Hmmm, turn-about is fair play.

Anyway, if you have sent me an email since Friday, Feb. 14, I have not received it, can't find it, and wonder if I can get it back. I have to wait until the office opens on Tuesday (today is a holiday) so I can go crawling to my I.T. staff to beg for help.

Gotta love it -- I deserve that thing's revenge on me.

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