Thursday, February 19, 2009

Out Riding

I am finally going to visit my brothers in Arizona. I leave today and will be back on Monday. I may (or may not) be blogging while gone. Meanwhile, look for this Booted Harleydude in the Phoenix area this weekend with his booted brothers!

"O" will be on his Buell, and I will be on a rented Harley Ultra on Friday. "AZ" will be my passenger on Saturday. Then I have to return the bike. Rental Harleys aren't cheap, even for members of the group whose name I can't say on this blog, but whose members qualify for a discount because they own a Harley.

We will be the ones wearing helmets, despite the fact that there is not a mandatory helmet law in that state. We do not intend to become organ donors by riding without a helmet.

Have fun -- see 'ya while I rumble rumble among the cacti!

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