Friday, February 20, 2009

My Brother's Wingman

I rode today with my brother "O" through some fascinating desert highways and byways outside of Phoenix. Man, it was great riding with my brother. He knew just where to go and the less traveled roads to take. I loved riding wing, that is behind and to the right, following my brother for our 100 mile trek through the desert. I haven't ridden with him ever before. So today's ride was extra special to the both of us.

The skies were clear and sunny. The day started out quite cool
(about 45°F, 7°C), so I wore my leather riding pants tucked into tall Dehner patrol boots, and my warm motocross jacket. As the day grew warmer, I shed the jacket for a vest. It got up to 78°F (25.5°C).

After riding for a while, we returned to meet my brother's wife for lunch, and catch up on family stuff.

After lunch, I visited with a boot buddy, Wearinboots. We hung out in Scottsdale and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon strolling, booted, among the kitchy stores and galleries. What a great day... more later! Check back as my brother-in-heart, "AZ", and I are going for a long ride tomorrow.

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