Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Beaten

Will someone visit this blog (link) and tell me what it says about me or my website? Warning, it is all in Chinese.

This blog has caused a storm of visitors to my website, generating over 900 visitors last night, and hundreds of visitors each night in the last several nights. I don't really mind if someone links to my website, though I would prefer the courtesy to ask first. Most people do not have that type of courtesy.

I have seen links to my website from other blogs and forums from time to time, and some of those links have had really nasty, rude, and brainless comments around them. I just want to see what's going on with this new one.

Thanks for any assistance! If you DO figure this out, here is a way to reach me.

Life is short: Wear your boots!

1 comment:

Tef said...

I have yet to figure out what was done there but he celebrates boots and the bootmen like you do. Your site probably appears as some link or so. :)