Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peeper Teasers

Over the last few days as we have awakened, we are hearing a lovely song biding Springtime's coming: the frequent and gentle peeping of the Spring Peeper.

We must have gazillions of these little guys in the stream that runs across the back of our property in our forest.

Saturday mornings are times when my partner and I like to open the window in our bedroom a little bit, and listen to the chorus. We snuggle close in each other's arms, smile, and think joyful thoughts. They're saying to us, "Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Peep Peep! Look at me! I am here to welcome Spring!"

Their song brings us joy and hope for winter to pass, Spring rains to come, our trees and plants to leaf and flower.

This biker can't wait. Thanks, little guys, for the Spring tease.

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