Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Me!

Man, the whirlwind of speculation about who will run to fill the vacancy that was created on our county council by the death of my friend is driving me nuts. Heck, we haven't paid our respects yet to my friend who died! The volume of my email is incredible, and distressing!

Well, to make it clear, I invoke the Sherman Pledge: "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected." LOL! Actually, all who know me know that I am not a politician and I will not consider running for office. To do that would require A) losing what's left of my mind, and B) getting divorced. My partner has vowed to disown me and run for the hills if I ever run for public office.

So rest assured, I'm not running. But I'll be involved. From the sourpuss look on my partner's face, he knows that I am already caught up in the whirlwind of political speculation and activity, with many turning to me to listen to my thoughts and ideas. Oh gosh, my partner detests it when I get so involved in local politics. But to avoid actually running for office, then I have to get involved otherwise. I have been involved on the inside of several local campaigns in county and state races. It's been fun and interesting, but also very time-consuming. Just what my partner doesn't want....

However, for now, we will properly and appropriately pay our respects to my friend at his viewing and the funeral, and give a little time for things to settle down. I will meet with my Board, associates, fellow politicos, and process a few thousand more email messages... then decide. We'll see.

But this is why I'm not blogging on this board right now about boots and leather. My life is "temporarily diverted." I'm still wearing my boots and leather, just talking about other things for the time being. I was invited to, and submitted, a guest post on the most well-read, well-respected political blogs in our state. That post went "live" yesterday. It was a tribute to my friend who died. I heard from a lot of people, including some in rather high places, that they thought it was about the most touching, sincere, and heart-felt tributes they have ever read. I'm glad to know that. The least I could do for my friend and his family.

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