Saturday, September 4, 2010

Booted Best

I was interviewed this week for a job. Really, a career, as this new job is well within my scope of my life's work. I think I nailed it, and was pleased they took 2-1/2 hours to ask many questions. This was the final interview, since I went through two other preliminary interviews by phone and was included on the "short list" presented to the employer.

I was dressed in my best clothes -- new jacket, tie, dress shirt, and dress slacks that my partner got for me. He always dresses me well, as ordinarily I'm a t-shirt-n-jeans kinda guy (in hot weather; otherwise, leather is my preference.)

I really debated about what boots to wear to this interview. (Remember, I do not own nor would I ever wear dress shoes. YUCK!) Would I ride my Harley to the location, and thus require motorcycle boots? Or would I drive my truck, and choose dress cowboy boots instead?

I let the weather decide. If it is hotter than 90°F (32°C), then I won't ride my Harley, because I sweat so much that my clothes would be stinkin' wet when I arrived. That's really not much of a problem if I'm just out riding, but it sure would not be a good thing to have happen for an important job interview. You don't want to show up with dark wet stains across your shirt and crotch, caused by sweat due to the physical heat of the sun and the heat of the Harley's engine.

In this case, it was 95°F (35°C) at the time of the interview. That's way too hot to ride a Harley in dress clothes without potentially sweating them to death. Plus, my best-looking motorcycle boots are Dehner Patrol Boots. They fit well, but do not allow much breathing room on my legs, so I would even sweat more in the hot sun.

I put on my Lucchese lizard wingtip cowboy boots, which looked great with that outfit. I even turned the AC on in my truck, which is a rarity, so I arrived looking fine, without any sweat stains. The only problem if there were one with the cowboy boots that I chose to wear is that they have a steel shank. That set off the alarm at the magnetometer at the entrance to the building where the interview took place. Just like at an airport, I had to take my boots off and run them through the metal detector. The guard, though, admired the boots and asked me where he could get a pair.

After the interview, I was invited to go with the head guy to a coffee shop across the street so he could give me some more information. I went along, but was aghast that this overly-yuppified place didn't have anything I could drink, since I don't drink coffee or tea. I swear, a zillion forms of coffee, but nothing else. I finally got them to give me a cup of tap water. (They thought I was nuts.)

I glanced around at all the yuppies sitting there with their laptops and other wireless devices, and did the best to hide a cringe on my face from the guy who will become my new boss. I just don't like places like that. Yuck. I really have to examine in a separate blog post sometime just what it is about yuppie gathering spots that make me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I was already out of my comfort zone having to wear a monkey suit.

Oh well, I'll know soon enough about the job. Meanwhile, I'm back in to beat-up old engineer boots, jeans, and t-shirts again. Enjoying them for daily wear while I can.

Life is short: wear your booted best!

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