Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What To Wear With Motorcycle Boots?

Google provides me great "blog fodder." That is, ideas for things to post on this blog. When people search questions like "what to wear with motorcycle boots" and it comes up high in the rankings and lands visitors on this blog, I see that... so I respond. (Be assured, I don't know who is asking; I only see the question.)

So, what do guys wear with motorcycle boots? The #1 choice, of course, is blue jeans. Usually Levis or Wranglers... just plain old jeans. Nothin' fancy. Blue jeans and biker boots go well together, and present confidence. Nothing looks better than tough boots on a secure man.

Guys also wear other clothes with motorcycle boots. After blue jeans, guys wear leather with biker boots. Leather jeans, or chaps over jeans. This is common attire in cool weather among confident, secure men. (Unfortunately, not that many men have the confidence to wear leather jeans in public. They fret too much about what others may say. Their loss...).

A third choice is breeches. Cloth motor breeches are worn by motorcycle cops, and other guys, too. These pants are made specifically to be worn while operating a motorcycle. They are comfortable, stretch in the right places, and provide protection as well as look good -- especially with tall patrol boots. Few non-cops choose to wear motor breeches, which is a shame. Guys look good in them.

Regular guys don't wear shorts with motorcycle boots, because they know that wearing shorts while operating a motorcycle is an open invitation to incurring serious injury.

Do gay guys who wear motorcycle boots choose different clothing to wear with them than straight guys? Nope. I speak from personal knowledge. After all, I'm a guy, a biker, and I like to wear motorcycle boots. And I'm gay. I dress like everyone else. There's no difference, and those who claim that there is a difference have much to learn.

Life is short: wear boots!

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, agree 100%. Skin jacket + boots = always win.