Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where to Wear Cowboy Boots?

Another amusing question entered into Google and directed to my website: "Where to wear cowboy boots?" The person was from Connecticut, in the northeastern United States, where cowboy boots are seldom seen.

So, where do you wear cowboy boots? Wherever you please. Cowboy boots look good with Wranglers, especially. But they also work with business clothes. Even suits. Yes, men wear boots with a variety of attire, from casual to dressy.

As shown, I wore a pair of dress cowboy boots to an interview for a job. Yes, the boots were noticed, but in a nice way. The boss complimented me on them. But he and the interview team were much more concerned with what I brought to the company and how I would be able to do the job. They didn't care what was on my feet. So if you have concerns what people would think about you wearing boots in the workplace: forget about it. It really doesn't matter. Those type of concerns are in your head. Get over it.

Lots of guys in places other than the traditional locations where cowboy boots are worn more regularly by men -- as in the U.S. Southwest -- wear cowboy boots. That is if they are confident, secure, and don't have hang-ups about other people's perceptions.

As I so often say, issues about where to wear cowboy boots are more in the head of the one asking that question than actually among those who the person sees on a day-to-day basis.

Life is short: have confidence to be secure enough to wear boots where you like, and with clothing suited what you're doing -- going to work, out to eat, visiting friends, shopping, or whatever.