Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boots Look Gay

Oh cripes, there goes Google again, directing visitors to this blog and my website when they enter phrases such as:
  • All motorcycle boots look gay
  • Is it gay to wear tall boots?
  • Dudes in boots look gay
All this indicates, to me, is that some guys have a lot to learn and have some serious "issues." I mean, they are obsessed with perceptions. They do not want to be perceived as having anything to do with gay culture, and for some silly reason, they have connected boots with being gay.

Come on, guys, get a life. I know that a colloquial saying, "that's gay" is a euphemism for a number of things, mostly negative. Straight people don't want to be associated with "gay" things. But come on! Boots of all things? Sheesh...

There was a discussion on the "Boots on Line" board recently about that issue -- how men in tall boots historically were perceived as powerful, commanding authority figures. Then it seemed to change in the '60s as tall boots were made for women as fashion items. Fewer men wore tall boots, and those who did began to wear shorter boots, like tactical boots. About the only men and authority figures these days who wear tall boots are motor patrol officers, riders of horses (police, polo players, etc.), and palace guards.

Sneakers took over as the choice of personal footwear in relaxed settings, such as at home. The number of brands and varieties of sneakers boomed in the 80s and continues in huge production today. Many guys who wear sneakers like them because they are comfortable. As we age, any form of comfort is appreciated.

But back to the topic... as tall boots became a fashion statement for women, then tall boots became associated with feminine attire. Thus ... the common misconception, especially among poorly educated men, that tall boots are "gay." They associate anything feminine with "gay."

Oh cripes, guys. There are masculine gay men and there are less masculine gay men. Some gay men wear boots, some do not. But associating the two -- boots and being gay -- does not make sense. It indicates fear of an association. Revisit your thinking: what do boots have to do with being gay? ... nothing. If you believe that wearing boots, especially tall boots, would cause others to believe that you are gay, then really look at how you act and how you behave. It's more mannerisms and behavior that others make judgments about; not what you have on your feet.

Life is short: wear tall boots (if you're man enough!)

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