Friday, September 17, 2010

Put Off to Tomorrow...

A biker buddy sent me the following quip at the end of an email:
Remember, put off to tomorrow what you should have done today and ride!
That's a nice thought... just go for a ride and say, for a day, "to heck with responsibilities."

...heh heh heh, ... I wish. It's just not within me to blow off caring for my aunt or getting other work done on a Saturday when my partner is available to help. Much as I would have enjoyed going for a ride instead of doing chores and caring for my aunt, as I so often do, I chose the latter instead of the former.

Life is short: do what you have to do, and dream:

1 comment:

Tef said...

Yet another wise saying: One of these days is none of these days.

But for your case, I can see the conflict. Some of these days have to give to a few of these days.

Life and priorities. Don't we all wish we can have the cake, lick off the cream, eat the cake and still have the cherry. :)