Monday, September 20, 2010

Dozen Birthdays

Today, September 20, marks the end of a string of a dozen birthdays in my family that began on my twin and my birthday, August 16, and ends today on my little sister's birthday (as well as a niece's birthday, too.) After all, a dozen of us are Christmas presents and New Year's surprises.

It's been one party after another for the past five weeks, but enjoyable each time I get to see my wonderful, robust, raucous brethren. It is truly special to be part of a family of 15 kids, zillions of nieces, nephews, and "greats." Unlike so many drama drivel shows on TV, I can honestly say that we all love one another and care for each other. I am truly blessed that my family remains close, caring, and loving. I know there are families out there that are not, when some families make an issue of a sibling who is gay. I am glad I am not "the gay brother." I am "the brother who happens to be gay."

Pictured below is me with two of my sisters. See? Can't tell that we're related. The sister on the left had me convinced that my "real" father was the milkman.

Happy birthday, "little" sis! I love you, always.

Life is short: cherish your family.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww... our family is great. Thanks for keeping us together through all the work on our family tree and frequent email to our family group.

Happy birthday, littlest Angel!