Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runnin' Around In Leather

I make no excuses: this time of year, I like to wear leather.  The weather is cool, the leather is comfortable... it's time to gear up!

I have blogged a lot over time about wearing leather in public.  Some guys are reluctant to do that because they are afraid about what other people may say or think.  I'm long over those feelings.  I wear what I like to wear.  As long as my gear is not "suggestive" and I don't wear my chaps & boots with nothing else... it's fine.

Lately, it has been ideal "leather weather."  I am wearing a pair of leather jeans, instead of blue jeans, on most days.  I pick out various leather shirts from my gear closest -- goodness knows, I have several from which to choose.  Then I go about my regular business.

"Milk Monday" at a local grocery store finds me there, as they reduce the price of milk by half of what it costs on other days. This store also has very good produce, so it's worth the trip.  Full leather?  No sweat!

Tuesday, I took a senior pal to her doctor's office and waited for her to finish, then brought her back home.  I was dressed in a pair of leather jeans with a lightweight cotton shirt, as it was unexpectedly warm.  Boots, of course. 

I also went about completing other errands, from visiting my aunt to delivering some plans to a fellow civic leader to review, and even attended a meeting on Tuesday evening ... and by then it had cooled off, so I put on a leather shirt to go with my leather jeans.

I mean, it really is no big deal.  Nobody -- NOBODY -- gives a darn or says anything (at least not to me).  If you have leather, wear it!

Life is short:  'nuf said... wear your leather.

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