Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bootmen of Da' 'Burgh

This past weekend, my partner and I drove to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, to visit his mother who lives there.  My partner did a number of chores around the house to keep it in good shape (and he told me not to, so I wouldn't aggravate a hernia that I just discovered).  We also gave his Mom some company as she lives alone and gets rather lonely.

It was a quiet, peaceful, visit.  While I was "up bear," I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a friend who contacted me at first through this blog, and then through many hundreds of emails over several years.  It never worked out until this trip to be able to meet in person.  We sat atop Mt. Washington enjoying a bright, sunny afternoon on a lovely day, while taking in the view of the picturesque city skyline.

What a wonderful guy, from his comfy Justin cowboy boots to his broad smile on his handsome face.  
Life is short:  enjoy it with friends!


Anonymous said...

I forget how beautiful the view of Pittsburgh is from atop Mount Washington! In many ways it reminds me the view of the city when exiting the Fort Pitt tunnel coming from the north. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful view of the city.


Anonymous said...

Love the picks buddy! Thanks, B