Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tucking Pants Into Boots

Search results that brought a visitor to this blog
Another google search using the question "is it gay to tuck your pants into your boots?" directed a visitor to this blog.

Oh cripes, gimme a break.  Insecurity rules among young-uns.  Go tell a motorcycle police officer this stuff....

This is what Kevin described in his comment to last Friday's post on this blog. This type of query on the internet is another indication of "fear of label" -- that is, homophobia by fear of being called gay, simply by tucking jeans into one's boots.

Sheesh, this is absolutely ridiculous. I learned from Kevin's remark, and believe it, that some guys are really afraid of having that label applied to them because it can very well mean trouble. Name-calling has led to some vicious attacks resulting in bodily injury and death -- simply because someone is "accused" of being gay by the way he talks, walks, or what he wears. This must stop!

If you've got a hang-up due to "fear of label" about wearing boots with jeans tucked into them, then don't.  But if you have courage enough to seek more information and if you're man enough to wear your boots with jeans tucked into them and with pride, then see this page on my website: Jeans and Cowboy Boots.

Life is short:  grow up if you worry about such matters.

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