Monday, October 11, 2010

Tied Up

I sense this will attract my buddy "SJ" from the UK who is into bondage.  Sorry, bondophiles, the title to this post is misleading (deliberately).

I'm just busier than a beaver and don't know where I'll have the time to get everything done.  But, then again, that's me.  Mr. "can't-say-no."

Last week, I replaced batteries in smoke alarms for over 50 senior pals.  I made ravioli from scratch for my partner and me, but also brought some to a friend who recently broke her foot.  I baked six loaves of bread -- also for senior pals.  I made a couple videos and updated my website.  I wrote letters kvetching on behalf of some of my friends who were wronged.  And each day, I visited my lovely aunt at least once, often twice.  I took her to get a blood test one day, which is quite an undertaking considering how frail she is.  And at almost each visit at my aunt's home, I would find a note that a caregiver left for me indicating yet something else that I had to get at the grocery store.

I did repairs at three properties that I own and rent as affordable housing to community heroes.  Fortunately, the repairs were minor and mostly preventive in nature, but nonetheless, they each required time, tools, skill, and (of course) work boots!

I attended a public hearing and several other meetings with community groups concerned about certain local matters.  I tried to make peace, or if not peace, at least let each side be heard.  I missed a meeting of officers for a group in which I participate, as my aunt's needs had priority.

Then I packed up with my partner and went to visit his mother in "da 'burgh" this past weekend and while I am writing this before I left, I am absolutely certain that I was quite busy and enjoying very noisy meals (giggle).

I am anxious to begin working at my new job ... my start date is imminent yet not precise.  Meanwhile, the honey-do list grows twice as long for each item that I scratch off.

So, this is my form of bondage:  to my community, my family, my partner, my friends, my home, my investments, and my hobbies.  Not bad things... just BUSY!

Life is short:  keep out of trouble!

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