Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All American Firefighter Boots

I had a chance to lace up and break in a new pair of All American Firefighter Boots, model 401. I bought them through Stompers Boots which can handle orders for All American boots now.

What makes Firefighter boots rather different and well-suited for use as tactical boots for motorcycle riding are these features:

  • Laced-in zipper up the middle. Once the zipper is laced in, you don't have to fool with laces again, so the boots are easy and quick to put on and take off.
  • The laces lock in and the ends remain inside the boot, so the wind won't work them loose while riding.
  • Comfortable built-in insole and padded ankle collar. Makes the boots easy on the feet when out on an all-day ride.
  • Rugged Vibram lug sole which provides excellent traction -- particularly useful when maneuvering (i.e., "walking") the bike into a parking slot or holding the bike steady at a stoplight.
  • The boots don't get hot, even on a hot day. They provide superb support of the foot and ankle without roasting the foot.
  • Sturdy, attractive and rugged appearance. The "cool biker's" boot.
I have been enthusiastically recommending Firefighter boots since I bought a pair of Chippewa Firefighter Boots in 2007. I quickly learned how comfortable these boots were for motorcycle use. And, according to some of my riding buddies, they look more like the motorcycle boots that most other guys wear. Not that I have abandoned my tall Wesco and Chippewa boots; not in the long shot. But on a hot summer day, a station-boot style type of footwear is a frequent choice. And now, I have more choices :-)

See more pics of my All American Firefighter Boots here.

Life is short: get booted! (And repeat after me: "boots are for motorcycles and sneakers are for the gym." Period. Real bikers wear boots.)

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