Sunday, July 17, 2011

Out Riding

Whoo-hoo! Two weekend days in a row, I'm out riding my Harley! Pardon the dust in the bloggetory, but I'm rollin' down the road looking for corn at a roadside stand... so many tassled corn stalks observed yesterday on my ride that went extremely well, I am now seeking a stand where I can buy some fresh corn for my partner to enjoy. (I can't eat it, but that's another story). Man, what a gorgeous weekend!

Actually, today marks the eighth day in a row I have ridden my bike, starting with last Sunday, and every weekday this past week to commute to work, then yesterday, and now today! I plan to continue the commuting pattern all of this coming week, too. I love summer... despite the heat, and provided storms happen at night when they occur, then I ride Who can beat that! Yippie!

See you tomorrow! I'm out ridin'!

Life is short: RIDE! (In long pants and boots! Leave the sneakers for the gym!)

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