Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I enjoy riding my Harley, and being a member of a group that has many organized rides -- over 100 per year. I have the pleasure of leading some of those rides sometimes, as well as riding in a safety position in the back of the group (known as "sweep.") I wish I could ride with them more often; alas, my time is tight and since my partner cannot ride with me, I am often torn between being out riding vs. spending time with the man who means the world to me (and fulfilling his never-ending "honey-do" list! LOL!)

Here are some photos of me leading a ride last Saturday. I'm the guy up front in the first three pics. Last pic is of the bikes behind my friend who took the pictures. He has a camera mounted on his handle bars.

Riding a motorcycle with an organized group is fun. Being a leader in the group is enjoyable, too. The spirit is "ride and have fun." That's what it's all about. Doesn't matter if I'm gay, or that I am not the most skilled rider, or that I easily get lost. I am part of a group who share a common interest.

Life is short: ride and have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Its all about sharing & doing what you enjoy with others who enjoy it as much as you do. I'm a gal who is back on a cycle after a long abscence. Went from a 500 to a 1100 Shadow. Couple of fellows I work with and got to know have multiple bikes and it pushed me over the edge. :) Anyway we just did about 200 miles yesterday on a fabulously nice day. Had another co-worker off another shift join us with a 1600 Goldwing he recently purchased. Another old work acquaintace to the guys I work with running a Aero. My work partners with a V Star, Kawasaki Eliminator or Harley depending on the day so our group is diverse and growing. An informal get together and an awful lot of fun. That's what counts. Ride safe and enjoy the outdoors like no car driver will. If I have to explain that, don't ask; but you already have the answer.