Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Withering Stare

I rode my Harley to my brother's home yesterday for a crab feast. I saw the family, had some crabs, gave a few kiddos who were dressed appropriately (long pants, closed-toe shoes) a ride on "big bad Uncle's Harley," had a few more crabs, gave a sister a ride on the Harley (which was a hoot to watch), then picked out a half-dozen crabs and put them in a bag to take home for my partner, and took off. (He doesn't go to gatherings of my family because he prefers quiet -- and my family [bless their souls] aren't "quiet" by any means.)

As I was riding home, I stopped at a red signal. I noticed the headlight of another bike in my left mirror. This dude, who couldn't have been more than 25, rolled up next to me on a beautiful Harley. Unfortunately, the kid was wearing shorts and flip flops. On a Harley! Arrrrggghh!

I turned and gave that guy a really long, hard, stare. I pointed to those things on his feet, and mouthed the words, "flip-flops? Are you kidding?" then did one of those gestures that in America means "crazy" -- circling the finger while pointing to the head.

The kid just sat there, pretending not to notice, but I saw him look down at his feet then back at me then try to look away.

I noticed that the light was seconds from turning green, so I pulled in the clutch, dropped the transmission into first gear, and as the light changed, slowly let out the clutch for a smooth take-off.

Meanwhile, at the same time the kid noticed me getting ready to take off, he also put his bike in gear, but I think he forgot to pull in the clutch, or didn't pull it all the way -- anyway, he stalled his bike! The bike jerked a few cm forward, then died.

I hate to admit it, but I just about fell off my own bike laughing.

Goes to show 'ya, the Biker Lords exist -- perhaps the kid learned a lesson. Minimally, it's not to pretend to be a cool biker and ride up on a motorcycle next to me and try to get by wearing shorts and flip-flops without my noticing. Withering stares work! LOL!

Life is short: real bikers wear long pants and boots. No exceptions.

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