Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whiny Sport Biker

I ride my Harley to work, and park it in a parking garage near my office. The parking garage has a designated area for motorcycle parking tucked into a corner where cars can't fit. Best part about it, the parking there is free for motorcycles. (I worked to support legislation that assures free motorcycle parking in our county's public parking garages).

I am the first to arrive each day, considering my early work hours. When I leave in the afternoon, I see four or five other bikes in the designated parking area.

On Thursday, when I was leaving, I found a printed note (with no name) left on the seat of my bike whining about how I parked and implying that others couldn't park there. Heck, there was plenty of room on either side of me. Even I, among the most inept at walking his bike in and out of a parking stall, could have parked a clone of my big Harley next to my bike.

Seriously? Hmmm...

Let's revert for a moment to Thursday morning upon my arrival. When I got there, another guy on a sport bike showed up a few minutes after I did, and tried to park next to me but couldn't get his bike where he wanted to go, so he moved over and parked down a ways. Plenty of room. When he dismounted, I asked him, "is my bike in your way?" To that he said, "yeah" and then literally ran away. Like I am some big bad-ass Harley dude who's going to pick a fight with him. Not me, but he wouldn't even give me a chance. He ran away. How cowardly. He couldn't even talk to me or have a reasonable conversation.

I think he was the anonymous whiny note-writer. I sense that he is among those who ride sport bikes who have opinions about those of us who ride Harleys. This belief that I have is grounded in the fact that I have complimented him several times on his bike's paint job and styling. It's interesting and attractive. Not once, however, has he said anything (good or bad) about my bike. And my bike ain't so bad-lookin'!

He probably thinks that Harley owners have a low opinion of sport bike riders. Personally, I don't like sport bikes because of the physical position it puts your body into while operating it -- which to me, appears to be very uncomfortable (all hunched over.) I prefer to sit straight up.

I have no ill-will toward operators of sport bikes, though I notice that most sport bike riders do not dress appropriately and seldom wear long pants and motorcycle boots.  And, unfortunately, the younger operators tend to be more likely to ride way above the speed limit and zig-zag around traffic (which gives all motorcyclists a bad rep)...but I digress.

Seriously, if you have a beef with someone, try talking to them about it and don't leave a whiny anonymous note. Kiddy stuff.

Mr. Whiny McWhinersen (borrowed from another blogger who I follow): get a life. Really. If you have something to say, talk to me in person. If you don't know who I am, you could leave a note and say, "call me on (number)" and leave your name. Don't hide behind an anonymous note and leave it on the seat of my bike. 'K?

Life is short: be a man.

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