Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday!  The day in the U.S. after Thanksgiving is known to be "the" day when stores offer many sales for Christmas. I shan't say "to start the holiday season" because many retailers put up holiday displays back in late August. Bah, humbug.

Anyway, what I am I doing today?

NOT shopping. My Christmas shopping was completed in July. However, perhaps I will wear all black leather today, in honor of the name of the day, and also 'cause I like to wear leather. (giggle.)

Today, my partner and I are recovering. This post is a place-holder for a description of how our Thanksgiving went... but I may not update it before it gets posted. I wrote this post a few days ago.

So for now, I am sure that the morning began with a long, warm snuggle with my partner. Both of us have the day off work today. We will likely have to make a run to the dump with collected garbage, return borrowed chairs and tables, and do some housecleaning. Goodness knows, a few years ago we didn't clean as well as we should have done after one of these Thanksgiving feasts. We discovered a couple weeks later that a turkey leg was, ahem, making its presence known under the sofa in the family room. How it got there, one never knows. Don't worry, today we will be inspecting thoroughly!

Meanwhile, shopping is the last thing on my mind. Rest, recovery, and basking in great joy from our Thanksgiving is what I'm up to today.

Life is short: wait for Small Business Saturday (tomorrow) if you must shop. Tune in tomorrow for what that's all about.

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