Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ostrich Biker Boot Deal!

Being a biker who is also fond of cowboy boots and the various types of skins that may be used to make them, I was intrigued to find a pair of Chippewa harness boots that have an ostrich foot and traditional leather shafts, along with good-quality Vibram lug soles.

So when I saw them on a website back in March, (continued after the jump)...

I contacted the seller and negotiated a good price on a pair of these beauties in brown. (I don't take list price for an answer... there is always wiggle-room if a seller wants to move product.)

I wore these boots throughout the past summer while riding my Harley. Even good-looking enough to wear with dress clothes to work. They are very comfortable, well-constructed, traditional tough-looking harness boots.

Chippewa also makes these boots in black. I have a lot of black motorcycle boots, so I thought I would "take a pass" on spending US$360 to buy them in black. The ostrich skin makes these boots more expensive than if they were made of all-leather.

However, come November, what did I see on eBay but a pair of these ostrich boots in black. My size! Okay... I'm no fool when it comes to snatching up a quality. I bid and got them for only $30. Amazing... they retail for more than 11 times that amount. They guy selling them lived up the road from me, so the day after I won the bid and paid, I met him at a mutually-convenient public location (I never invite strangers to the house). Double-amazing on the quick delivery (but it was a Saturday, so it was convenient for both of us).

The seller said that he bought them and, in his opinion, thought the ostrich foot was "too much" and some of his friends make snide comments. He wore them a few times, but when I inspected them, they were practically brand new. Triple-amazing.

Well, his loss and my gain. They go great with dressy clothes that I wear to work, as well as with leather... versatility in boots is a good thing (LOL!)

Who gives a frig about what other people say about the boots on your feet? If people feel compelled to make snide comments, it's probably because they are insecure and feel better putting other people down. Hell with it... the boots are fantastic. I will wear these boots often -- throughout the winter with dress clothes to work, and when I ride my Harley, too.

More photos of these black ostrich harness boots.

Life is short: know quality and wear it!

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