Monday, November 7, 2011

What Masculine Gay Men Find Attractive

A search appeared on my blog reading (sic): what masculine gay men find attractive?"

I found that very interesting, and a different take on the usual search for where to find masculine gay men.

So, as a masculine gay man, let me describe what I find attractive in a masculine gay man:
  • He is secure, confident, and comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't worry about what other people think or may say about what he wears or what he does.
  • He doesn't worry about the latest fashion or what's in style. He wears what's functional and what works for him, based on where he is going and what he is doing. Anything from a business suit to blue jeans, from sneakers to boots (and he doesn't wear sandals or flip-flops).
  • He communicates well, but doesn't try to be the center of the universe or the conversation. That is, an attractive masculine gay man does not have a "need" to be an alpha male, or an "A-Gay". He deliberately avoids those roles.
  • Physical characteristics that are attractive to other men vary. Some like guys with facial hair, and some do not. Guys who are fit and trim are more attractive to others, as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an attractive masculine man will have physical characteristics that work for him, and with which he is comfortable.
  • Many masculine gay men have said that they are attracted to other masculine gay men who do not feel as if they must socialize only with gay men. Masculine gay men prefer to socialize with the wider world.
  • Masculine gay men are capable, active, and "do-ers." They can do various things from repairing a car, riding a motorcycle, or playing sports, to activities like watching the game with the guys, being a good uncle, or to volunteering at a community organization or church.
Masculine characteristics vary, just as people vary. Some guys have more observable physical characteristics of "maleness" than others. A masculine man is secure and confident, capable, active, and independent. A masculine gay man behaves that way as well. What masculine gay men find attractive, therefore, is someone who behaves like he does.

BTW, I am deliberately leaving out much of the stereotyping of gay men in general. Let's suffice it to say that all gay men are not the same. Some behave in a more effeminate manner while others do not. Just like in the straight world: women are different. Not all guys like all women. Same is true in the gay world: gay men are different. Not all gay guys like all other gay guys. Our world is that much better for the variances of the diversity of our population.

Life is short: remember that everyone is different, and some characteristics that some people display are more attractive to some people than others.

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