Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

I so much agree with this cartoon that I "stole" from a friend who posted it on Facebook. Whatever happened to recognizing and sharing autumn holidays like Halloween and (U.S.) Thanksgiving?

Man, I'm really "old school." I do not want to see Christmas displays in stores until the day after Thanksgiving... like it used to be, back in the "olden days" of my youth. I remember my very first job, working as a helper in a camera store after school when I was in high school. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the store would open a couple hours later than usual to give the store employees time to install holiday displays in windows, put up a small artificial Christmas tree, and place signs around the store for holiday specials.

Not these days... stores are opening on "Black Friday" at midnight, and the stores have been decorated since late August. I hate it. I really do. I detest all the promotions and mass marketing for a retail Christmas. Sheesh... it's all about the money, isn't it? Blecch.

You won't find me rushing out at midnight on Thanksgiving night/Friday morning to "get deals." I completed my Christmas shopping back in July. Yeah, I admit -- almost all of my shopping was done on-line, except for buying the greeting cards for seniors that I assemble in monthly organizers for some special pals on my list.

While stores are all out marketing for Christmas, my partner and I are preparing for our annual Thanksgiving pot-luck bash for seniors that we do every year. It's so much fun, and time well-spent with terrific friends who we care for, and who care for us.

We have been organizing for that party now for about a month, and have received over 85 RSVPs, including some special high-level elected officials who will drop by and share cheer. Can't wait -- for Thanksgiving! Not Christmas (yet!)

Life is short: celebrate holidays at the right time, and avoid media mass merchandising.

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