Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boot Daddy

Sorry, fellas ... not what you think. This time I am writing about something that a friend brought to my attention -- the marketing of a line of products (boots, hats, and cologne) for men that has been named, "Boot Daddy." My first thoughts?

Are they nuts? Well, not really, they're trying to come up with some kind of name to hold a line of products together, but there is something "not right" about a name "Boot Daddy" for marketing cowboy boots, hats, and fragrance to men. They obviously have no knowledge of how such a term could be interpreted in the gay community (LOL!)

In the ad, they are trying to market "the baddest boots on the boulevard" then display a rather standard line of Lucchese 1883 cowboy boots. These are the low-end of the Lucchese line. Some of what may make them think that the boots are the "baddest" is that the line includes some stonewash (colors), exotic skins, and multi-colored leathers. But to me, as an experienced Bootman, a boot is a boot... and just because a pair of boots is made with exotic skins or unusual colorings doesn't make it the "baddest." Just different.

But what really got me was the marketing of the cologne. In my opinion, men should not wear fragrances. Yuck. Makes them smell like a wannabe dimestore cowboy. Nope. A man is a man and smells like a guy. Not raunchy with sweat, but not something stinky from a bottle, either. Just wash each day with unscented soap and be done with it.

Obviously, you can tell that I am not a fan of cologne, or any perfume for men. Or women for that matter. I don't like fragrances on people -- just on flowers like roses. My partner and I wholeheartedly agree on that one. We purchase unscented everything (laundry detergent, soap, even air freshener) because we gag on artificial smells.

I know, I know... some men wear fragrances sometimes. Usually after-shave, but sometimes even perfume. But really, the name "Boot Daddy?" Like, "who's your Daddy?" Sorry, ain't gonna fly with me. As I said, the naming of this product just set me off on guffaws of laughter.

Life is short: men should smell like men, not something out of a bottle -- even if the label on the bottle has "boots" on it! LOL!

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