Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boots and Suits Reprise

A recent internet search on this question [sic], "can u wear cowboy boots with a bussiness suit?" directed a visitor to my "How to Wear Cowboy Boots" page on my website.

Well, yes, a guy can wear cowboy boots with a business suit. No problem.

But whoever searched this question needs to learn how to write and how to spell. Oh well, with so many people texting these days and using abbreviations, I can understand (though I still dislike) using the letter "u" to represent the word "you." However, if the guy can't spell "business," then he should just go back to wearing his boots with his jeans and return to school.

Life is short: lern hw 2 spel n compleet sentensses (nd uz apostrophe's rite. Employerrs notis itt.)

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